Friday, October 19, 2012

Bauhaus Bats This Is Halloween Challenge Day 19

It's Bat day for the This Is Halloween Challenge started by Bec @ Lacquer Dreams. I had to go to Bauhaus and the Bela Lugosi's Dead cover, on my thumb at least.


For my thumb, I have a coat of Milani White On The Spot, I used Kiss nail art pens in black and silver to draw in the small details and lines. I painted the tip with Milani Black Magic and also used that to sponge in the color on the wings.

My index finger is three coats of China Glaze Glistening Snow, a beautiful silver holographic from the Holiday Joy Collection for Holiday 2012 and a tip of Black Magic. I made some bats out of different texture and glitter cardstock with a Studio G punch and attached one here. My middle finger is two coats of Black Magic, a tip of Man Glaze The Death Tar, and two more bats. 

The ring finger is one coat of White On The Spot, then newsprint technique (directions are at the end of the post if you don't know how to do it) with paper that I printed.  It has "undead undead undead" in Bauhaus font, these are lyrics from Bela Lugosi's Dead. 

The pinkie is three coats of Layla Hologram Effect in Flash Black (tip for Hologram polishes like this: use Sally Hansen Insta-Dry as a base and as a coat in between the normal coats and you don't have to use the recommended file and you won't get bald spots) and one more bat for the tip.

There is a lot of different stuff going on in this manicure, but that is what I envisioned before starting. 

Newsprint Manicure Instructions:
1. Paint your nails a light color.
2. Let them dry completely! This is why Milani White On The Spot and Black Magic are my go to undercoats, they, if applied carefully, go on in one coat and dry really fast.
3. Take the part of the newspaper that you want to transfer to the nail and put it on top of the polish.
4. Saturate a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and press on the other side of the newspaper.
5. Press down firmly on the entire nail for a few seconds.
6. Apply topcoat.

That's all until the next Halloween manicure!