Saturday, October 13, 2012

Piggy Polish Lightmare

Okay, so this is my first Piggy Polish, but I always look at them at Ulta, they have some good colors, but nothing I don't already have. I found their Halloween polish and though Lightmare looked interesting.

It is, indeed interesting. It's an orange glitter mixed with a grayish-black glitter that almost looks like it has a lavender tint to it as well, when applied.

The color is quite stunning in the bottle and on the nail, but this was by far the worst formula I have ever worked with. I needed three, tedious coats to get the polish to full opacity, and it kept wanting to have bald spots.

It was so difficult I will probably never try another Piggy Polish glitter, though I will still give their creams a try at some point.

Please, let me know if you've had better luck with other colors or if you've tried this one!

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  1. Hi Alyson,

    I love the nails that look like a party.

    ~ el kelly