Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pretty & Polished Candy Corn Color Changing Polish

This is an amazingly fun nail polish!  Candy Corn by Pretty & Polished is orange in the bottle and orange on the nail until it dries to yellow. 

If you have a free edge over the nail bed, depending on your body temperature the tips may remain orange, giving you a candy corn ombre.

In different temperatures more of the nail turns various shades of orange and yellow.  Under cold water the entire nail goes back to the original orange.  This picture was taken shortly after being submerged. 

Then, they fade back as they dry.

It is quite entertaining to see the color changing throughout the day.  I've worn this polish twice since I got it and that rarely happens. 

Pretty & Polished can be purchased here, the etsy shop is open pretty much all the time now. 

There are two more Halloween polishes I will be posting soon.  Take a look at the first blog showing Blood Clot.

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