Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wu Tang Clan and H.P. Lovecraft nail sets

I recently did two sets of nails on myself that are my favorites so far.  Currently there is an acrylic overlay on my natural nails that I put after I broke a few nails in one day.  I sculpted over three of my nails to make the length match  

These are my Wu Tang Nails!  From left to right I will list what I did or used for each nail:
1. OPI Candlelight base, Cult Nails Nevermore with a striper brush to make bumble bee stripes.
2. Cult Nails Tempest base with Dollish Polish Urban Camo on top.
3. Reverse french with Tempest and Nevermore with rhinestones and studs glued on top.
4. OPI Candlelight base and Nevermore striped for my Tiger Style nail!
5. Cult Nails Quench with OPI Man With the Golden Gun real gold topcoat, I had to bring some gold to the Wu-Mani.
6. Candlelight base and Nevermore painted around the yellow to make the Wu Tang W.
7. Quench with a black rhinestone.
8. Candlelight and Nevermore to paint my cute lil Killa Bee!
9. Nevermore base and a black chain glued in a pile on top.
10. Reverse french with Tempest and Quench and a bunch of rhinestones on top!

This was a manicure that I really didn't want to take off, I even left it on two days, which is unusual for me.

This H.P. Lovecraft manicure is the one I am currently wearing.  From left to right again:
1. Nevermore with Girly Bits Magically Delicious gradient.
2. Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger, one of my favorite polishes ever!  All the symbols on different fingers are from the Necronomicon, any circles I replaced with rhinestones.  All of the symbols were drawn on with a Kiss nail art pen in black, since I was working on my non dominant hand I figured a pen would be easier than a brush.
3. Cult Nails Nevermore with three 5mm silver spikes.
4. Liquid Glam Lightning Storm, I will be swatching this polish on its own soon. 
5. OPI Just Spotted the Lizard
6. Cult Nails Tempest base, then I painted a cute Cthulhu with China Glaze Budding Romance and I used Nevermore and a dotting tool for the eyes.
7. Just Spotted the Lizard again and a spike for the arrow on the symbol.
8. I should make my own water decals sometime, but I just printed out a picture of Lovecraft and top coated it down.
9. & 10. Toxic Avenger and Necronomicon symbols on both.

I think this was the first time my right hang made an appearance on the blog!  The complicated manicure post is done, so that's all for now.

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