Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dollish Polish Super Mario Bros. Collection Part One

I received my first Dollish Polish order this week!  I was prepared to successfully purchase the mini Mario Bros. collection even if that meant setting a 5 a.m. alarm and refreshing Dolly's Big Cartel page every 15 minutes.

This manicure is two coats of China Glaze Liquid Leather and two coats of Wicked Wario.  Wicked Wario is fine matte purple glitter in a clear base with green and yellow glitter and white squares.  After swatching the collection this was the color I was most excited to try out.  The formula was great and it was easy to pick up all the different types of glitter on the brush.  I prefer a heavier coating of glitter, even with a base color and I was satisfied after the second coat.

From antihero to villain, here is The Koopa King.  I love this polish.  Lots of sizes of yellow/gold matte glitters, along with red and green.  There is black bar glitter and holographic diamonds just like the little spikes on Bowser's collar.  This is three coats of The Koopa King over two coats of Nicole by OPI Paparazzi Don't Preach.  Two coats of top coat make the glitter smooth on these.  I really like this combination, I thought the colors would pop on a black undercoat, but I didn't want to lose the black bar glitter.

I will have reviews of the rest of the Super Mario Bros. collection soon.  Dollish Polish can be purchased through their Big Cartel site, on Llarowe, and at Overall Beauty.  Follow Dolly on facebook for updates on when the Super Mario Bros. collection will be available again, as it is currently sold out.  The next Dollish Polish restock of other colors on Big Cartel is in August.

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