Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pretty & Polished Mathematical!! Collection

I just about died when I saw the macro shots of the Mathematical!! collection on Twitter a few weeks ago!  This is an Adventure Time inspired collection by Pretty & Polished.  These come in the new printed bottles!  A new Pretty & Polished website, http://shopprettyandpolished.com, was launched last week where you can buy this and other collections in the new bottles, as well as jewelry and cuticle care items. 

All swatches were done with three easily applied coats, unless otherwise noted.  My nails for these pictures were enhanced with OPI Axxium sculpting gel, no tips.

Here is King of C-C-Cool, a light blue Ice King inspired polish with red, blue, yellow and white diamond glitters.

BMO Me Up!  is grey with tiny blue flakies.  This is one that really needs to be seen in person, it's so pretty and unique.
Okay, here is my favorite, I'm Not A Banana!, the Jake polish.  Okay, yellow + jelly + black and white glitter = the polish I have wanted the most, and never even knew it!  This is an amazing, highly pigmented color.

The Young Hero, the Finn polish, has a white base with yellow, blue and green glitter.  Because of the shape of my nails, my boyfriend thought this looked like the dinosaur egg candy.

Here is Peebles, the Princess Bubblegum color.  This is my second favorite in this collection!  A pink jelly with pink and yellow glitter, this is like strawberry lemonade as a nail polish.  I have been looking for the perfect pink and yellow for awhile and here it is!

My Lumps is next, the Lumpy Space Princess polish.  This is a purple polish with purple and yellow shards.  I used about four coats in these swatches.  The shards make application of the base color a little difficult, but what do you want with a polish with lumps in the name?!  Next time I wear it I will probably layer it over another purple, but this is a fun and very different nail polish.

Here is Vampire Sing-a-long, the Marceline inspiration.  I used two coats over two coats of Dior Incognito.  On the Pretty & Polished site this is described as, "packed with red, purple, and black glitters with a sprinkling of white in a crystal clear base. Looks like a vampire bite to me!"  I thought that was cute and accurate.  I know a lot of girls go crazy over the large circle glitter, so go pick this up!

And, finally, Rainy Day Lady, the Lady Rainicorn polish.  This is a multi color glitter bomb, I used two coats over one coat of Milani Black Magic.

I love this entire collection, but I'm Not A Banana! and Peebles are favorites. 
There is still some polish available in the old bottles on the Pretty & Polished Etsy site, but make sure to check out the new site.

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