Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pretty & Polished Holiday Collection

Here are the rest of the Pretty & Polished holiday collection starting with the Happy Holodays Duo.

Here is three coats of Happy Holodays Ruby, a stunning jewel toned holographic polish.
As with all holographic polishes, the first coat was a little bit streaky, everything evens out beautifully in the second coat.  I love, love, love this polish and already wish I had purchased a full sized instead.  I didn't have any red holos in my collection and this is perfect.
Here is the other half of the duo, Happy Holodays Glitter Topper.  This is two coats over the Happy Holodays Ruby.
This is a super shiny red and green glitter topper.  This duo is out of control when you are out in the sun!  The glitter topper applies with ease and could be built up for a dense glitter look.
Up next is the very exciting Island of Misfit Toys!
This is indescribable besides calling it a multi shape and color glitter topcoat!  Everything is in there! The pink squares made me smile.  Again, the formula was fantastic on this topcoat.
I used two coats of Island of Misfit Toys over two coats of Julep Claire.  Whenever I think of the movie I see this shade of blue, and I think it may be one of the only hues of colors not included in the glitter mix, so it really makes it pop. 
Now, lets look at Xmas Wreath, described by Pretty & Polished as, "a dark green base packed with green shreds, red hexes, and holo golden glitter".  Below is three coats of
Xmas Wreath.
Here is two coats of Xmas Wreath over two coats of Revlon Wicked Star, another good application here.
And, finally, and my favorite of the Pretty & Polished holiday collection, Everybody Loves Penguin!  I love a white base, here we have a milky one with large and medium black hexes and small yellow hex glitter.
I used two coats of Everybody Loves Penguin over one coat of Milani White on the Spot.
This is a polish that can be applied in three to four layers on its own, and the base coat will give it an amazing look of depth, which is how I love to wear a polish like this.  I thought this layering would be best to showcase the glitter mix, though.
The holiday collection will all be available this week through etsy.  The Pretty & Polished blog can be seen here, and follow on facebook here.
Check out my reviews and swatches of the other two polishes in this collection here.  There you will see S'no Mans Land and Love Always, Candy Cain.  This collection is great, Pretty & Polished gives us some classic holiday colors and presents them in fun and fresh way (never did I think I'd love wearing a red and green glitter) and then takes some traditional ideas and items and deconstructs them into something so unique and perfect for the holidays. 
I will have a couple of new, non holiday colors soon, so check back!

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